HDR Assignment ideas

Yesterday, I ventured through the city for Open House Melbourne, which is an event for members of the public, to have access to particular spaces which are not commonly available for general viewing. I bought my Camera, but unfortunately, was not able to carry my tripod with me, which meant that capturing a HDR image would prove difficult.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and is a method used to construct an image with a wider tonal range than a standard exposure. The way this is done, is by capturing multiple exposures and then placing them together with the use of post-editing software.

Through the readings and videos on clouddeakin, I was able to explore different notions and concepts related to HDR. These notions derive from issues related to realism, surrealism and purists.
HDR has been scrutinised vigorously by many people within the photographic industry, claiming that the images can be ‘overcooked’, creating a surreal and highly edited photograph.

I researched the set up and methods specifically for my D7000 on the internet. This website was very helpful in fulfilling my needs.

Shooting HDR with the Nikon D7000

Although I was not able to capture any HDR images whilst at Open House Melbourne 2013, I was still able to envisage different locations suitable for photographing.

HRDMyer05 HRDscots02


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